Commercial carpet cleaning.

We not only serve residential customers, but also clean carpets, air ducts for a lot of commercial businesses. Our prices are very competitive, we have special commercial prices depending on the amount of square footage that we are cleaning. We also offer special prices for air duct cleaning services. Please call us at 773-966-2770 and schedule your free estimate. commercial carpet and air duct cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Chicago?

Need tile and grout cleaning service near Chicago? or suburbs? We are here to help!
We specialize in tile and grout cleaning. We have certified technicians and the right machines to clean any type of tile and grout. We can also clean and re-wax your vinyl floor. We offer commercial and residential services. Call us for more details 773-966-2770

tile and grout cleaning

Scotchgard Protection

Did you know that most new carpets come with  scotchgard protector? The protector works like an invisible layer that keeps the stains from absorbing into the carpet. With every carpet cleaning service a new layer of protector should be applied onto the carpet or at least onto the high traffic areas. Please call 773-966-2770 for free estimates

Duct Cleaning is it worth it?

Is it worth cleaning your air ducts? Everyone always asks them self that question. The answer is simple, YES its worth it! People are tempted to postpone air duct cleaning because you don’t see the dirt directly like carpet stains. You can’t hide your carpets stains but who actually looks inside your ducts to check if they are clean. Air duct cleaning should be performed every 2-3 years and sometimes even sooner under special condition. Don’t postpone the air duct cleaning, make sure your family is breathing clean air today!

air duct cleaning chicago

July Special! Free odor control with any carpet cleaning service!

July is almost here and we are offering free odor control for any carpet cleaning service. Our odor control service doesn’t mask the smell it removes it! Its very beneficial for pet stains especially now when the humidity is very high and all of the stains are coming up and starting to smell. Don’t wait any longer and order your carpet cleaning service, just mention that you saw free odor control in the blog and you wont have to pay a penny.

Carpet Cleaning Chicago

Area Rug Cleaning Chicago

Have dirty rugs? Pet accident stains? We can help! We clean all types of area rugs. We can either clean them at your house or take them with us and deliver them later at no extra cost. We have experienced and certified technicians that will restore the beauty of your rugs. Call us for free estimates 773-966-2770area rug cleaning chicago